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Dry Eyes and Contact Lenses

Jun 18, 2010 @ 06:35 PM — by Gordon Wong, OD
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 There are many symptoms of dry eyes.  They range from light sensitivity to excessive watery eyes.  Yes, I said excessive watery eyes.  Because your eyes are not producing quality tears, excessive tears that do not have the correct pH balance to lubricate the eye flow freely to try and compinsate.  As most of us know watery eyes hinder more then help.  

Wearing contacts while battling dry eyes is a nusience.  Contacts lenses constantly fall out or your eyes due to the dryness.  They itch and burn with discomfort from your home to your office and back again.  For many of us who are active outdoors, losing a contact lens creates a whole new challenge we were not prepared for.

If you or anyone you know are suffering, come in to see us.  Dr. Wong, O.D. has extensive dry eye knowlegde and is a dry eye sufferer himself.  He will be here to help you overcome dry eyes and uncomfortable contact lenses.

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