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Gordon Wong Eye Associates
Gordon Wong Eye Associates
Gordon Wong Eye Associates
Gordon Wong Eye Associates
Gordon Wong Eye Associates
Gordon Wong Eye Associates

A Full Range of Ophthalmology Treatments

Eye Center San Diego

At GDr. Gordon WongW Eye Associates Inc - An Optometric Corporation in La Jolla, we provide exceptional eye care, including routine eye exams, vision correction, and advanced treatment for many common optical conditions.  We are also able to offer a full range of ophthalmology treatments to our San Diego area patients.  The dedication we have to our patients is demonstrated by our thoughtful and friendly attitude, our emphasis on providing up-to-date educational information, and our commitment to thorough, unhurried exams, consultations, and procedures. At GW Eye Associates Inc - An Optometric Corporation in La Jolla, optometrists Gordon Wong, O.D. and Wildon Wong, O.D. are available for all of your vision correction and eye care needs.

Welcome to GW Eye Associates Inc

Services and Treatment Options

For refractive errors, GW Eye Associates Inc - An Optometric Corporation offers a full spectrum of vision correction options. If you prefer to wear glasses, our onsite optical center is a great place to select the frames and lenses that are best for you. We also provide fittings for contact lenses. For patients who are interested in giving up glasses or contacts altogether, LASIK or PRK surgery may be a beneficial alternative.

Gordon Wong, O.D. and Wildon Wong, O.D. also provide evaluation and treatment for such conditions as cataracts and glaucoma. By staying up-to-date with current eye care technology, our optometrists are able to offer highly effective treatments that involve minimal discomfort and relatively short recovery times.

Visit Our Optical Center

Getting new glasses is easy and convenient at GW Eye Associates Inc - An Optometric Corporation. Our onsite optical center carries a wide selection of well-known eyewear brands in classic and contemporary styles. We also offer several lens options, including scratch-resistant lenses and lenses of various tints, so that you can be assured of glasses that are both durable and comfortable. For your convenience, most of our eyeglass orders are edged, or cut to fit your frames, right here in the office. This service allows you to get your glasses in one to two days after you order them (for single vision). But patient convenience is not the only reason for edging lenses in-house. Quality is another reason. We edge the lenses in-house so that we can insure that they meet the exact specifications that your needs require.

Why don’t we offer eyeglasses in about an hour? Well, there are about 60 separate steps involved in making a pair of glasses. If we made them in an hour, that would leave about one minute for each step. Rushing each step could lead to errors. We prefer to make your glasses in a productive, yet unhurried manner. In other words, we promise to take longer than an hour to make your eyeglasses.

Learn More about Optometry and Ophthalmology

If you are in need of optometry or ophthalmology services and live in La Jolla or elsewhere in San Diego, contact GW Eye Associates Inc - An Optometric Corporation to schedule a consultation.

Why choose the practice of dr. gordon wong OD?

We provide our patients with a wide range of services, including glasses, contact lenses, and advanced laser treatments.

"Again, thank you and your wonderful staff for a great experience and a terrific product. You all bring the term ’customer service’ to a new level, and that is quite refreshing in this day and age."
-- Suzi Harlow

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