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Eye Exams To Maintain Your Vision

At Gordon Wong Eye Designs & Optometry, we are proud to offer exceptional eye care. Routine screenings and vision correction are the foundation of any optometry practice, and we are committed to performing these services with care and attention to detail. We take the time with all of our patients to ensure that we meet their needs and thoroughly address their concerns. Contact our eye care practice to schedule an appointment today. Our optometrists look forward to providing for your eye exams or contact lens fittings at our office La Jolla, CA, practice.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Routine eye exams are important in maintaining the health and optimal function of your eyes. Many people believe that if they are not experiencing vision problems, than they do not need eye exams. This is not true. Many eye conditions do not produce noticeable symptoms until they are in very advanced stages. Regular eye exams by a qualified optometrist can ensure that any developing eye problems are caught early, while treatment is most effective.

Comprehensive eye exams involve assessing a patient's vision, as well as evaluating their internal and external ocular health. This includes testing for glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal abnormalities. We also check pupil reflex, color vision, peripheral vision, and depth perception.

At Gordon Wong Eye Designs & Optometry, a thorough examination involves using the latest in ocular diagnostic technology. Some of the advanced equipment we use includes the Visual Field Analyzer, the Automated Vision Refractor, and the Corneal Topographer. All these instruments are made by Zeiss Humphrey.

Regular eye exams are a simple, painless, and effective way to protect the health of your eyes. Contact our practice to schedule a consultation.

Contact Lens Fitting

For patients who wear or wish to wear contact lenses, a lens fitting procedure must be performed in addition to the routine eye exam. A lens fitting involves taking special measurements to ensure that the diameter, curvature, and refractive correction of your contact lenses are right for your eyes. Contacts that do not fit correctly are uncomfortable to wear and can cause damage to the cornea.

Although many of our patients are already wearing contact lenses, a lens fitting is still necessary during regular eye exams. Patients are often not completely satisfied with their current contact lens program or have found that contacts that once fit fine are no longer comfortable. Our contact lens fitting service is designed to meet the needs of both the current and new contact lens wearer. Whether you need contacts for sports, work, or just occasionally, we can choose the best lens for you.

Have you been told or believed that you couldn't wear contact lenses because of dry eyes or acute astigmatism? Well, those days are over. Drs. Gordon and Wildon Wong have extensive experience with lens fitting for individuals with eye conditions such as excessive astigmatism, dry eyes, and bifocal contact lenses. There are currently dozens of contact lens styles designed to correct all types of refractive errors.

Other Vision Correction Options

In addition to contact lenses, glasses and laser surgery are available for patients with refractive errors. If you are interested in glasses, the staff at our optical center can help you choose the lenses and frames that are right for you. We carry a wide range of designer eyeglasses to choose from.

Vision correction surgery is an option for many patients who would like to be free of the hassle of wearing glasses or contacts. Learn more about laser vision correction surgery on our website or discuss your interest with Dr. Gordon Wong.

Contact Our Practice

For eye exams or contact lens fitting services, contact our office in La Jolla to schedule an appointment. Drs. Gordon and Wildon Wong take the time to make sure that you receive the care and information you need and that you are satisfied with your experience. Our team is proud to provide for the full spectrum of ophthalmology needs.

Dr. Wong and his staff have proven to be the best eye doctor that I have ever visited. He is extremely thorough and up-to-date professionally. He gives you plenty of time. I never feel rushed.

Kathrine Holladay


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