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Protect Your Eye Health with Premium Contact Lenses

Our premium contact lenses have been carefully selected, and each option is designed to protect the health of the eye. Dr. Gordon Wong and Dr. Wildon Wong offer a large variety of contact lenses at our La Jolla, CA, office including disposable soft lenses, hard lenses, and specialty lenses. The doctors will perform a contact lens fitting for qualified candidates, to make sure they receive contact lenses that provide comfort, as well as protection.

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Deciding Whether Contacts Are Right for You

While most patients will make good candidates to wear contact lenses, the doctors may turn some patients down to protect their eye health. For example, patients who suffer from frequent eye infections may not qualify for contacts, and the doctors may reject patients with severe allergies as well. 

Our premium contact lenses have been carefully selected, and each option is designed to protect the health of the eye.

Good candidates also need to be committed to following the doctors’ directions for cleaning and maintaining their contacts. 

Contact Lens Fitting

Both new and current contact lens wearers will need a fitting with the doctor before receiving new lenses, in addition to their regular yearly eye exam. Patients who already wear contact lenses will still need a fitting, because their eyes may have changed enough for their current lenses to feel uncomfortable.

During a contact lens fitting, the doctor takes measurements of each eye to determine the proper diameter, curvature, and refractive correction for your new contacts. These measurements ensure that you receive contact lenses that fit correctly and feel comfortable while you wear them. Thanks to advances in contact lenses, the doctors can even perform contact lens fittings for patients with dry eye and astigmatism.

Types of Contact Lenses

The doctors can suggest several types of contact lenses to our patients, depending on their wants and needs. Types of lenses we currently offer include:

  • Disposable – The most commonly used contact lenses, disposable lenses come in many varieties. Patients may wear these soft lenses for as little as one day or as long as one month before disposing them and moving on to the next pair.
  • Continuous Wear – These lenses allow more oxygen to reach the eye than traditional soft lenses, so patients do not have to worry about putting them in and removing them daily, or buying solution to clean and store them with.
  • Toric – Soft toric contact lenses are made to correct vision in patients with astigmatism.
  • Progressive – These soft, disposable lenses correct presbyopia, eliminating the need for reading glasses or bifocals.
  • Cosmetic or Colored – Contact lenses can be used to affect the appearance of a person’s eye, typically by changing or enhancing their color.

Contact Lens Brands

The doctors have carefully chosen contact lens brands that protect the health of your eyes as they enhance your vision. Some of the brands we work with include:

  • Bausch + Lomb
  • CooperVision
  • Alcon
  • Vistakon

For patients who require hard lenses or specialty lenses, we provide:

  • Alden Optical
  • Art Optical
  • Carter Contact
  • GP Specialist
  • SynergEyes
  • Tru-Form
  • Visionary
  • SpecialEyes

Schedule an Appointment

Contact lenses are more comfortable and effective than ever before. To schedule a contact lens fitting and find out what type of lenses will work best for your eyes, reach out to our office today.


Dr. Wong and his staff have proven to be the best eye doctor that I have ever visited. He is extremely thorough and up-to-date professionally. He gives you plenty of time. I never feel rushed.

Kathrine Holladay


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