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Our Optical Lab and In-office Services

At Gordon Wong Eye Designs & Optometry, we believe quality care can also be convenient. Our optical lab features top-of-the-line technology and we offer on-site repairs. Our lab stocks an impressive array of designer eyewear frames, and huge selection of prescription lenses. Drs. Gordon and Wildon Wong have extremely high standards, and technicians at the optical lab in our La Jolla, CA, practice make sure that the quality of every item they work on lives up to those standards.

Optical lab technology

Advanced Technology

Drs. Gordon and Wildon Wong are committed to providing patients with high-quality eyewear, and with our new Santinelli® optical lens edger, we can create some of the most beautiful, sturdy pieces of eyewear on the market. The edger precisely cuts your prescription lenses and creates exact grooves to provide a secure fit in your designer frames. The machine even polishes the lenses, creating a beautiful finish on the edge of each lens.

Same-day Service

While we understand that the creation of quality eyewear takes time and precision, we can offer most patients same-day service. While some practices claim to have their patients’ eyewear ready in under an hour, we feel it takes more time to create quality products. Our technicians meticulously create gorgeous eyewear that will last for years.

Our Selection

Our on-site lab stocks a huge selection of prescription lenses, and chances are, they will have the lens you need for your new eyewear. We also stock an incredible selection of designer frames, from such big names as Tiffany, Ray-Ban®, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Oakley, and more. Whatever you desire for your new pair of glasses, we can provide it.

Quality and Convenience

Many doctors will provide you with a prescription and either send you somewhere else for your eyewear, or allow you to choose from a limited selection of frames, then order them from a lab, meaning you have to wait several days to receive them. With our on-site lab, we eliminate these processes by providing a huge selection of frames and creating your perfect eyewear in our office, typically in the same day. Our goal is to provide our patients with high-quality eyewear in a convenient location.

While we understand that the creation of quality eyewear takes time and precision, we can offer most patients same-day service.

We understand that occasionally a screw may come loose or a nose piece may become crooked on a pair of glasses. Sometimes you may decide after a week or so with your new glasses that they just don’t fit the way you would like them to, and they need a minor adjustment. In these situations, you can bring your glasses to us, and we will have the lab technicians repair or adjust them for free. In fact, we have several patients who bring their glasses to the lab to have minor adjustments made while they visit the doctor for their yearly exam.

Contact Our Lab Today

If you need a new pair of glasses or contact lenses, our on-site lab can have them ready for you in as little as one visit. Contact our office today and experience the benefits our on-site lab can offer.


Dr. Wong and his staff have proven to be the best eye doctor that I have ever visited. He is extremely thorough and up-to-date professionally. He gives you plenty of time. I never feel rushed.

Kathrine Holladay


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