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Are There Eye Conditions That Can Affect Your Night Vision?

Optometrists at GW Eye Associates discuss eye conditions that can affect night vision and the types of symptoms they may present.

Posted by GW Eye Associates on Apr 01, 2024

Taking Care of Your Glasses: Easy Everyday Tips

Taking care of your glasses ensures they help you see clearly and comfortably, for as long as possible. Check out these do's and don'ts of…

Posted by Gordon Wong, OD on Apr 01, 2024

What Eye Conditions Can Impact My Night Vision?

Having night blindness can be a sign of a serious eye condition. Learn more as we take a look at eye conditions that affect night…

Posted by Gordon Wong, OD on Mar 01, 2024

What Should I Do if I Lose a Contact Lens?

Contact lenses offer discreet vision correction but sometimes get lost. Here, doctors at GW Eye Associates discuss what to do if you lose a contact…

Posted by Gordon Wong, OD on Feb 14, 2024

What Does My Vision Prescription Mean?

Reading a vision prescription can be complicated. Here, optometrists at GW Eye Associates explain vision prescriptions so patients know what they mean.

Posted by Gordon Wong, OD on Feb 01, 2024

Why Might I Need a Cornea Transplant?

We discuss why patients might need a cornea transplant. Read on to learn about the common reasons for undergoing a cornea transplant.

Posted by Gordon Wong, OD on Feb 01, 2024

How Does Color Blindness Work?

Color blindness can be temporary or permanent. In severe cases, it can impact your quality of life. Learn more about how it works and options…

Posted by Gordon Wong, OD on Jan 11, 2024

What Causes Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)?

Amblyopia (lazy eye) is the most common cause of decreased vision among children. Here, doctors at GW Eye Associates discuss the causes of lazy eye.

Posted by Gordon Wong, OD on Jan 10, 2024

Do I Need Prescription Sunglasses?

Wondering if prescription sunglasses are right for you? Our optometry team lays out their key benefits to make the decision as easy as possible.

Posted by Gordon Wong, OD on Dec 12, 2023

Tips for Buying Prescription Glasses or Contacts as a Gift

Looking for a perfect present for a friend or family member? Help them out with achieving clear vision! Our team has put together tips and…

Posted by Gordon Wong, OD on Dec 01, 2023

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