Taking Care of Your Glasses: Easy Everyday Tips By Gordon Wong, OD on April 01, 2024

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You’ve invested quite a bit into your eyeglasses. From getting an up-to-date prescription to spending time finding the perfect frames that complement your face shape, you want to do everything you can to have your pair serve you for as long as possible. That’s why taking proper care of your glasses is important.

Our La JollaDel MarSan DiegoCA-area optometrists and their team have put together this list of easy everyday tips for you to follow:

The “Do's” of Eyeglass Care

Here are some tips on how to take proper care of your eyeglasses:

Wash your hands frequently: While this tip is good for your overall health — and for the health of others — it makes sense in a list of things to consider when taking care of glasses. Our fingertips often have dirt or microbes on them, even when they feel clean, which can transfer easily onto frames and lenses. Dirt and oils can also cause scratches or smudges on lenses.

Store your glasses when you’re not wearing them: This isn’t only a great way to keep them free of dust and dirt; it protects your glasses from accidentally getting scratched, bent, or broken. You may consider investing in a sleek supplementary case for pairs you might not wear all the time, such as reading glasses.

Use both hands: When putting your glasses on and taking them off, use both hands to protect the structure of the glasses. Using just one hand can cause them to become misaligned over time or break over time.

Clean them regularly: You should clean your glasses once a day with warm water, a drop of dish detergent, and a cotton or microfiber cloth.

The “Don’ts” of Caring for Your Eyeglasses

Here’s what to steer clear of:

Avoid using the wrong liquids to clean your lenses: Windex, bleach, and ammonia-based products should be avoided. Spit, which may seem best in a pinch, shouldn’t be used either. If you live an active lifestyle and find yourself needing to clean your lenses often, consider keeping a cleaning solution on hand.

Don’t use paper towels, tissues, or napkins to dry or wipe your lenses: While these materials may feel soft enough on our skin, their textured surface can be detrimental to your lenses. Also, refrain from using your shirt if it’s not 100% cotton. Not only can the fibers in the fabric scratch the lens, but clothing can also have dirt on it.

Don’t put them on top of your head: Avoid putting your glasses on top of your head; this can cause the frames to stretch and bend.

Time to Upgrade Your Eyeglasses? Shop With GW Eye Associates

It’s important to take care of your eyeglasses — the same goes for your eyes. That’s where our doctors and their team step in. From eye exams to designer eyewear, patients in La JollaDel Mar, and other nearby communities in California consider our practice the one-stop shop for their optometry needs. For more information about our wide range of eyeglasses — and how to take care of them — get in touch with us today.

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