The Benefits of LenSx® Laser Technology By Gordon Wong, OD on November 11, 2016

A close-up of a person's eyePeople throughout San Diego can count on our team of eye care specialists for advanced vision correction. We offer expert care and years of insight regarding ophthalmic and optometric needs, and we are proud to use the latest eye care systems for diagnostic and treatment needs.

The LenSx® laser system for eye surgery is one of the advanced systems we use at the practice. Let's go over its uses and then discuss the benefits it offers to patients as well as eye care professionals.

What Is the LenSx® Laser System?

The LenSx® Laser is an advanced eye surgery system, specially designed to make accurate, clean, precise incision in the cornea. The LenSx® Laser is most commonly used for cataract removal surgeries. The LenSx® Laser can make incision in the cornea through which a cataract can be removed and is also used to soften the clouded lens of the eye to make the extraction process much easier.

How the LenSx® Laser Works

The LenSx® laser system uses a three dimensional surgical display to get a more accurate view of the cornea. This measures the shape of the corneal surface while also taking into account the thickness of the cornea. The computer-guided system then help the surgeon make the most precise incisions possible.

Key Benefits of the LenSx® Laser System

The primary benefits of the LenSx® Laser are as follows:

  • Greater Accuracy and Precision – Thanks to the 3D imaging of the cornea, surgeons can place incisions in optimal positions on the surface of the eye.

  • Reduced Likelihood of Human Error – Since the LenSx® Laser is computer-guided, this means that there is far less chance of human error during a cataract surgery. That means greater safety and better results.

  • Reduced Risk of Infection – There are no physical blades used with the LenSx® Laser, which means there is less likelihood of infection during the surgical procedure.

  • More Precise Placement of the IOL – Thanks to the 3D imaging and incision placement, it is much easier for surgeons to insert the replacement lens (IOL) once the clouded natural lens has been removed.

  • Reduced Risk of Complications – Following cataract surgery with the LenSx® Laser, people are much less likely to experience post-surgical complications. This is thanks to the safety and accuracy of the system.

What These Benefits Mean for Patients

In basic terms, the LenSx® Laser means a safer cataract surgery experience. While the chances of complications were low in traditional cataract surgery, LenSx® laser cataract surgery means that complications are even less likely.

What These Benefits Mean for Eye Surgeons

For eye surgeons, anything that can make a surgical procedure safer and easier to perform is for the best. Thanks to the LenSx® laser system, patients can receive safe and state-of-the-art care.

Improving Life and Eyesight Is Our Goal

Our ultimate goal as eye care specialists is to improve the vision people in the area, and to help them experience an improved quality of life. Thanks to LenSx®, patients and eye care professionals can reap the benefits of advanced vision technology.

Learn More About LenSx® Laser Technology

For more information about advanced vision technology and how we can help you see clearly again, be sure to contact our experienced team of eye doctors today. The team at our practice is here to help you achieve wellness and great vision.

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