What to Expect after LASIK: Computer and Tablet Use By Gordon Wong, OD on December 27, 2016

A husband and wife using their portable devices to access the Internet after LASIK surgeryAs a society, we have become increasingly reliant upon computers in both our personal and our professional lives. It is therefore understandable that many patients who turn to Gordon Wong Eye Designs & Optometry for LASIK evaluations are highly curious as to how the surgery will affect their use of computers and tablets. Will they have to limit their use of these devices after LASIK? Will their use of these devices potentially compromise the results they achieve?

In discussing the issue of computer and tablet use after LASIK during consultations at our San Diego, CA eye care center, Dr. Gordon Wong and Dr. Wildon Wong assure patients that they will be able to use their computers and tablets much as they did before undergoing LASIK, but that a little common sense will go a long way toward ensuring the health of their eyes. They also provide patients with tips that will help them to keep their eyes comfortable while using computers and tablets after LASIK, some of which you can read below.

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Keeping Your Eyes Comfortable and Healthy after LASIK Surgery

If you are like most people, you spend dozens of hours each week using a computer, tablet, or other device to access the Internet. If you have to work with a computer, many of these hours cannot be avoided. Staring at a computer screen for hours at a time without interruption is not healthy for any pair of eyes, but for someone who has just undergone laser eye surgery, it is a particularly bad idea.

Does this mean that you have to limit your time in front of a computer screen or looking at your tablet? Yes and no. Yes, you should try to give your eyes regular resting periods from staring at screens of all types - computer, tablet, smartphone, television, and otherwise - after LASIK surgery. However, no, you don’t necessarily have to limit the amount of time you spend using computers or tablets, especially for necessary tasks. With these tips, you can use these devices while keeping your eyes comfortable and healthy:

  • Remember to blink: When people are staring at screens, they tend to blink roughly half as often as they would otherwise. This can lead to eye dryness, which is already a risk of LASIK surgery. Even if you have to post a note on your computer screen, try to remember to blink frequently.
  • Use artificial tears when you’re using your computer or tablet: Especially during the first few months after your surgery, keep a bottle of artificial tears on hand when you use your computer or tablet. Keep your eyes moist as you use these devices by using these drops every half hour or so.
  • Take frequent breaks and get lots of sleep: Every 20 minutes or so, look up from your computer or tablet and focus on an object for 30 seconds. This will help to relieve eye strain. Every couple of hours, get up and take a short walk. At night, be sure to get plenty of sleep. This will be your best opportunity to refresh your eyes, away from the glare of a screen.

Learn More about Computer and Tablet Use after LASIK

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