LenSx® Laser vs Traditional Cataract Surgery: Advanced Eye Care By Gordon Wong, OD on January 22, 2018

Cataract removal surgeryHere at Gordon Wong Eye Designs & Optometry, we are committed to using state-of-he-art technology to enhance the vision of our patients. That’s why we’re happy to offer LenSx® Laser cataract removal technology. This advanced computer-guided system allows cataract surgeries to be performed with greater safety and accuracy than ever before.

We’d like to take this opportunity to consider how LenSx® surgery compares to traditional cataract surgery. There are many key advantages to keep in mind about this advanced vision care system.

About Traditional Cataract Surgery

During traditional cataract surgery, a small incision is made in the cornea to access the clouded lens of the eye. This clouded lens is then carefully broken up and extracted, maintaining the lens capsule if possible. An intraocular lens (IOL) is typically placed in order to restore the patient's vision quality after the surgery is performed.

Cataract surgery was routine and low risk already. Thanks to technological advancements such as the LenSx® Laser, the surgery is even more effective and safe.

What Is the LenSx® Laser?

The LenSx® Laser is a new step forward in cataract surgery. Rather than using traditional surgical instruments of the past, the LenSx® Laser uses safe laser technology for more precision and safety.

How Does LenSx® Cataract Surgery Work?

The LenSx® Laser uses a special computer-guided system to direct the laser during cataract surgery. Thanks to advanced scanning and three-dimensional imaging, the eye surgeon is able to plan out and completely customize the cataract surgery to the patient.

During the cataract surgery, patients simply sit back as the surgery is performed. The eye surgeon and the computer-guided laser do all of the work.

The Benefits o LenSx® Cataract Surgery

There are a few key benefits to LenSx® Laser cataract removal. They are as follows:

  • Reduced Chance of Human Error - Because the LenSx® Laser is computer-guided, there is a very low chance of mistake or human error.
  • Greater Accuracy Than Physical Instruments - The detailed digital imaging that helps with the computer-guided incisions allows eye surgeons to achieve greater accuracy than is possible using a physical blade. This can make it easier to place and position the IOL following the removal of the clouded lens.
  • Low Rate of Risks or Complications - Studies have found that LenSx® Laser cataract surgery patients experience a very low rate of risks and complications following the procedure.

The Results of LenSx® Cataract Surgery

The results of LenSx® Laser cataract surgery are excellent. Patients heal just fine, and experience good vision quality following the placement of the IOL. Hundreds and thousands of cataract surgery procedures have been performed with the LenSx® Laser across the globe with similar tales of success and happiness.

An Eye for Advanced Vision Technology

We always have our eyes open to any new vision care technology available. We want to make sure that our patients have safe and positive experiences when it comes to any sort of vision procedure or service. Only by considering the next step forward can we provide patients with next level vision.

Learn More About the Removal of Cataracts

For more information about preventing and treating cataracts, contact our team of accomplished eye care specialists today. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing all of your options for advanced eye care.

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