Designer Eyeglass Frames for Petite Faces By Gordon Wong, OD on August 23, 2019

A woman wearing glassesMany frames for glasses tend to be made with “average” face sizes, dimensions, and features in mind. If you have a petite face or petite facial features, you’ll notice that a lot of eyewear on the market may not fit you. Frames could be too large and loose on your face, or frames may appear clunky and cumbersome when you put them on.

Gordon Wong Eye Designs & Optometry offers designer eyewear for everyone in the greater La Jolla, CA area, even patients who have petite faces and smaller facial features. We would like to cover some of these challenges below and offer our insight into the issue and some advice on picking the right frames for your face.

The Meaning of a “Petite Face”

A petite face means that you have a smaller overall face or that the dimensions of your face are smaller than most other people. This can make finding glasses difficult since many frames will not fit your face properly. The notion of a petite face covers everything from overall face size to the length of your nasal bridge.

People who have narrow faces can be classified as having petite faces since they have similar issues with finding glasses that fit properly.

Avoid Thick and Oversized Frame Designs

Frames that are extremely thick are typically not a good idea since they will look even larger and clunkier on a petite face. Even if you would like boxy or thick frames, try to find thinner frame designs.

Clear Frames Could Be Helpful

If you do want thick frames, consider clear frames or designs with clear portions of the frame. This can help you find stylishly thick frames without them overpowering your facial features.

Some Frames Are Designed for Petite Faces

There are frames that are made for people with narrow and petite faces. These can allow people to have stylish glasses even if the dimensions of their face are not as large as others people’s. We can help you pick the right petite frames during your visit.

Avoid Frames That Are Too Tight

Many people with petite faces or narrow faces will overcorrect when it comes to frames. While they often find frames too large or wide for their face, they might instead pick frames that are far too tight. When you try frames on at our La Jolla eye center, be mindful of any pinching or pressing when the glasses are on. Comfort is what you should be aiming for at all times.

How Your Prescription Lenses May Affect Your Face

In addition to the effects of your frames on your appearance, you may also want to consider how the size of your eyes may change when viewed through your prescription lenses. Some prescriptions may magnify your eyes while others will make your eyes smaller. We can help you consider these factors when you’re at our center trying on frames.

Contact Our Designer Eyewear Experts

To learn more about picking the right frames for your face, be sure to contact Gordon Wong Eye Designs & Optometry. You can reach our location in La Jolla at (858) 454-4699 and our location in Del Mar at (858) 755-9465.

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