Recovery Tip: Wear Sunglasses After Eye Surgery By Gordon Wong, OD on December 07, 2019

Pairs of designer sunglassesNo matter what eye surgery you undergo, you’re bound to confront the same kinds of side effects as your eyes heal. Pain and discomfort are to be expected, for instance. Blurry vision is also common as your eyes adjust to the changes made during vision procedures. Dry eye is also common as your eyes recover, which can be remedied by using liquid tears and any medicated eye drops prescribed by your eye doctors. One of the biggies, however, is light sensitivity.

Dr. Gordon G. Wong and Dr. Wildon C. Wong would like to offer some simple advice to eye procedure patients in La Jolla and Del Mar, CA: wear sunglasses after your vision surgery. Let’s take a moment to explain why this is a common sense idea.

Light Sensitivity After Eye Surgery

Your eyes will be especially sensitive to sunlight and bright lights after eye surgery. It can be difficult to be outdoors in broad daylight for long periods of time just given the way your eyes react to the light. In addition, your vision may be severely impacted given how your eyes are affected by bright or direct light sources.

In time as your eyes heal, the discomfort and sensitivity will fade, but it can be a serious problem in the first few days of recovery.

How Sunglasses Can Help

Wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes after surgery in a number of ways. Most importantly, sunglasses help reduce the amount of direct sunlight and bright light that reaches your eyes. This minimizes discomfort and allows you to go about your daily routine without too much hassle.

Sunglasses also protect your healing eyes from the UV rays of the sun, which can do serious damage. We should also note that sunglasses help keep pollen, dust, and particles in the air from entering your eyes. This can prevent infection from developing and also help you avoid a number of post-op complications.

Enhance Eye Protection by Wearing a Hat with a Brim

In addition to wearing sunglasses, you may want to consider wearing a hat with a brim. A simple baseball cap will do the trick. The additional shade from a hat with a brim will provide further protection from the effects of the sun and harsh light sources.

Continue to Wear Sunglasses Whenever You’re Outdoors

Just because you’ve made a full recovery from eye surgery doesn’t mean you should put the shades away for good. Wearing sunglasses is actually a smart thing to do for your daily activities. Your sunglasses will protect your eyes from the UV rays of the sun, which can help prevent the development of cataracts over time.

In general, eye protection is worthwhile whether you’ve just undergone eye surgery or you’re just headed out for a walk in the afternoon.

Learn More About Enhancing Your Vision

If you would like to learn more about ensuring good vision and eye health for years to come, be sure to contact our skilled team of eye care professionals. You can reach Gordon Wong Eye Designs & Optometry by phone in La Jolla by calling (858) 454-4699 and in Del Mar by calling (858) 755-9465. We’re here to help you.

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