4 Benefits of Polarized Glasses By Gordon Wong, OD on July 15, 2020

pair of polarized glasses on wooden surface with plain white backgroundIf you spend a lot of time outdoors, you know how bright the sunlight can be when it reflects off of water, sand, or snow. Polarized lenses can significantly reduce glare, protect your eyes, and keep you more comfortable in the great outdoors.

At GW Eye Associates in La Jolla, CA, serving Carmel Valley, CA, and communities throughout San Diego, CA, Drs. Gordon G. and Wildon C. Wong carry a wide selection of polarized glasses. Here, we will explore four benefits of polarized glasses and explain how these lenses work so our patients can be well-informed about their options.

How Polarized Glasses Work

Vision is made possible when light bounces off of an object and enters the eye. Under normal circumstances, light scatters before it enters the eye because most surfaces are somewhat uneven. However, when light reflects off of smooth, reflective surfaces like water, snow, sand, or metal, the light does not scatter before entering the eye so it is much brighter.

Polarized lenses are treated with a special chemical that helps block some of the light. In other words, they serve as a filter. As a result, glare is reduced significantly.

What Are the Benefits of Polarized Glasses?

Once you have an idea of how polarized lenses work, you can better understand the primary advantages. Our patients might choose polarized glasses because of:

#1: Improved Safety

When the sun is out, light can bounce off of nearby objects in such a way that it nearly impairs your vision. Think about driving on the interstate when the sunlight is bouncing off of nearby vehicles. This limits vision and is especially dangerous to those who already struggle with eye conditions. Polarized glasses drastically reduce glare and help drivers see more clearly.

#2: Better Vision around Water

Boaters, fishermen, and other water sport athletes prefer polarized lenses. The specialized coating helps them see into the water without glare. In others words, they can see what is in the water instead of simply seeing the reflection of the sky. 

#3: Reduced Eye Strain

When bright light is affecting their vision, individuals tend the squint in order to see more clearly. This can cause uncomfortable eye strain, and in some cases, even migraines. At best, symptoms include red, irritated, tired eyes. Polarized lenses help your eyes feel more comfortable, relaxed, and rested.

#4: Crisper Vision

Another reason many of our patients choose polarized glasses is because they can actually see much better with them in general. These lenses provide a level of clarity that other options do not offer. With these glasses, you can expect your vision to be crisp, clean, and incredibly detailed.

Are There Disadvantages?

There are a few instances in which polarized lenses are not appropriate. For example, they can make it difficult to see LCD screens clearly. Additionally, if you already have tinted windows in your car, polarized glasses may interact negatively with them. Finally, polarized glasses should only be worn in the daytime hours. It can be dangerous to drive with them at night.

Contact Our Practice to Learn More

Looking for a new pair of shades this summer? Consider how polarized glasses can reduce glare and improve your vision outdoors. To learn more or schedule an appointment at our practice, contact us online or call us at (858) 454-4699.

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