How to Help Kids Choose Glasses (That They’ll Actually Wear) By Gordon Wong, OD on September 23, 2021

Youth in glasses smiles toward cameraAs adaptable as kids are to new situations, it can be a challenge to teach your kids the importance of wearing their glasses. The first pair of glasses a child gets sets the stage for their future vision health habits. It’s essential that they have some part in choosing their frames and being involved in their treatment.

GW Eye Associates, with convenient offices located in La Jolla, Carmel Valley, and San Diego, CA, will guide you and your child through the process in a caring and positive way.

Put Yourself in Your Child’s Shoes

If you wear corrective lenses, think back to your first pair of glasses. How did you feel? Were you scared? Disappointed? Worried that the other children might make fun of you?

All of these are valid feelings for any child who needs vision correction. Keep them in mind when helping your children grow to appreciate their first pair of glasses.

4 Steps for Your Kid’s First Set of Glasses

Here’s what you can do to make the process easier and ensure that your child reaps the benefits of glasses.

  • Be Sensitive. Try to remember that your child is having trouble seeing. That’s enough to emotionally disrupt most adults. Give your little one some understanding. Children’s feelings are valid.
  • Show Solidarity. Wear your glasses while your kids get used to theirs.
  • Let Your Child Choose Their Own Frames. The more a kid likes their glasses, the easier compliance will be.
  • Remind your Kids of the benefits of glasses. No more headaches, dizziness, or squinting. Step inside their world: that means playing video games and streaming with ease, or seeing airplanes soaring through the sky.

Curious to learn more about making your child’s first pair of glasses a positive experience? Let’s elaborate on these points.

Be Sensitive

According to the Vision Council, 182 million Americans use some form of vision correction. Because glasses are so prevalent, it can be easy to forget that glasses are technically a type of prosthetic. Remember that a child could be nervous in this situation. Talk openly and seriously about their fears, and give them room to share their feelings.

Show Solidarity

Children can be rough on each other, even cruel, particularly to a child who is insecure about new eyewear. Help your child see glasses as a fun fashion statement instead of something to be embarrassed about. If you don’t need glasses yourself, buy a trendy pair of non-prescription glasses. Show your child that eyewear can be an extension of their personality.

Let Your Kids Choose Their Glasses

When kids like something, they are more inclined to use it. Sure, maybe you don’t like the neon green frames your child is begging for, but if your child loves them, they're more likely to wear them (and take good care of them). Keep your child in the loop on appointments and fittings, and help them plan for a future that includes glasses.

Pro parenting tip: Ask your child if they want to buy a pair of shoes or a jacket that matches their glasses. Your child may want to paint their nails or buy lipgloss in the same shade as their frames. Make it fun for them.

Remind Your Kids of the Benefits of Glasses

Chances are, your kid ended up at our office because of mysterious headaches or dizziness that pointed to vision issues. Try to remind your child when they get finicky about their glasses that these issues are history if they just wear their awesome-looking frames.

Book a Consultation at GW Eye Associates

Kids' glasses don’t have to cause arguments or constant parental anxiety. You have the tools to show your child that glasses can be pretty cool. We’re here to help! To schedule your child’s appointment, give our offices a call at (858) 454-4699 or send our team a message today.

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