What Conditions Do Eye Drops Treat? By Gordon Wong, OD on December 07, 2022

An eye doctor putting eye drops in a woman’s eyeEye health is essential for keeping vision at its best. At GW Eye Associates, Dr. Gordon G. Wong and Dr. Wildon C. Wong make each patient’s care their top priority. We offer a wide range of procedures to meet every patient’s unique eye care needs.

Keeping the eyes healthy is sometimes as simple as using prescription or over-the-counter eye drops. Eye drops are available to prevent infection, alleviate discomfort, reduce ocular pressure, along with many other uses. So what conditions do eye drops treat for our La Jolla, CA, Carmel Valley, CA, San Diego, CA, patients? Find out as we take a look at some of the most common eye health issues that can be treated or managed with eye drops.

Eye Irritation

Eye drops can be used to relieve eye irritation. When irritation is caused by things like sand, dirt, an eyelash, or other debris, eye drops can flush out the object and soothe eye discomfort.

Eye Infections

Bacterial conjunctivitis, widely known as pink eye, is a fairly common type of eye infection that can cause eye irritation, itching, excessive tearing, and discharge. Antibacterial eye drops are an easy and effective treatment for treating pink eye.

Prescription eye drops may also be used to treat other types of eye infections, including ocular herpes and corneal infections.


Glaucoma is a condition usually caused by excessive fluid pressure inside the eyes that can lead to vision loss without treatment.

Eye drop treatments are available for the early stages of glaucoma. With early use, eye drops can help reduce the amount of fluid the eyes produce, as well as help fluid drain from the eyes.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can happen when not enough tears are produced or the tears that are made fail to lubricate the eyes sufficiently.

Dry eyes can leave the eyes looking red and feeling scratchy, burning, and in pain. Eye drops can help lubricate the eyes, reduce redness, and soothe dry eye symptoms.

Preventing Infection and Aiding Healing

Often patients who undergo eye surgery, such as cataract surgery, will be given special eye drops to help prevent infection as the eyes heal from surgery.

Eye drops can also help the eyes heal after surgery by keeping them lubricated and comfortable.


Allergies can make the eyes red, itchy, and watery. Some people have a burning sensation in their eyes or may feel like there’s dirt or some other irritant on their eyes when allergies strike. Eye drops formulated with antihistamine medications can help alleviate allergy symptoms in the eyes and improve comfort.

Contact Lens Rewetting

Some contact lens wearers may find their eyes feel dry throughout the day. Eye drops designed for contact lenses can help provide moisture and lubrication to the eyes, helping to improve comfort when wearing contact lenses.

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