Fall Eye Care Tips: Keep Your Vision Healthy This Autumn By Gordon Wong, OD on October 23, 2023

woman wearing sunglasses outside in the sunAutumn leaves, Halloween decorations, and apple picking are all great reasons you’ll want to see the season in full color. Though fall is one of the most vibrant times of year, it also poses a few safety issues for your eyes. 

Luckily, by taking a few simple precautions, you can ensure that you’ll have healthy vision for years to come. To make it even easier, the team at GW Eye Associates in La Jolla and Del MarCA, has put together some of the most important tips to protect your eyes in the fall. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of autumn vision care advice from Dr. Gordon Wong and Dr. Wildon Wong, who help patients from San Diego to Carmel Valley maintain healthy eyes.

Adapt to Back-to-School-Season

Once fall arrives, back-to-school season is in full swing. Along with it comes germs and illnesses, like the easily-spreadable pink eye. It can help to give your child reminders about good hygiene, like washing their hands consistently and not sharing items like glasses or blankets. And, don’t forget to follow those autumn eye care tips yourself!

Don’t Share Eye Makeup

During the fall, there are plenty of opportunities to spread diseases like pink eye or eye infections. To protect your eye health, you should avoid face painting at fall festivals, as well as sharing Halloween makeup.

Avoid Reusing Halloween Makeup

Speaking of Halloween makeup, don’t reuse that old scary eye makeup you haven’t touched since last year – or the year before. It’s likely expired and unsanitary, which could cause eye irritation or infections.

Wear Eye Protection When Doing Yard Work

In the fall, you may be mowing your lawn for the last few times, trimming trees, or gathering leaves. You should always wear eye protection during this process, whether you’re using power equipment or working by hand. That way, debris cannot get into your eyes, causing scratches or irritation.

Use Halloween Props Wisely

This autumn vision tip may not seem important for patients of all ages, but the truth is, a lot of us can get carried away with the excitement of Halloween. To protect your eyes, you should avoid using props like toy swords or wands close to your eyes or someone else’s. For children, you should also not give them any costume props with intricate, loose, or sharp parts.

Prepare Accordingly for Fall Fun

Many fall activities take place outdoors, like hayrides, corn mazes, and apple picking. You should always wear eye protection like UV ray resistant sunglasses while outside during the day. Glasses or goggles can also protect your eyes from dirt, snapping branches, and hay, which can all cause damage if they touch your eye. So you can see safely and in style, our La Jolla and Del Mar, CA, practices offer designer prescription sunglasses.

Ditch Fake Contact Lenses for Costumes

Though you may be tempted to finish off your Halloween costume with contact lenses bought at the store, those lenses may be more trouble than they’re worth. Temporary fake contact lenses from less-than-reputable brands can cause a whole host of problems, including scratches or infections.

Need a New Prescription for Fall? Visit GW Eye Associates

We have one last fall eye care tip that’s actually relevant all year round: staying up to date on your vision prescription. If you’re in need of an exam, we offer comprehensive vision tests, so you can see everything that fall has to offer. 

Additionally, if you ever encounter an eye emergency, Dr. Wildon Wong and Dr. Gordon Wong are always here to help. We have someone on-call 24/7 for vision emergencies, giving you a team you can trust throughout the seasons. 

Plus, we have two convenient offices to choose from in La Jolla and Del Mar, CA, serving the wider San Diego and Carmel Valley area. To learn more about how we prioritize your healthy vision, contact GW Eye Associates.

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