The 2023 FDA Eye Drop Recall: Keeping Yourself Safe By GW Eye Associates on November 30, 2023

man applying eye dropsMany people are unaware that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled a number of lubricating eye drops and artificial tears that are sold over the counter. At GW Eye Associates, serving La JollaDel Mar, and other areas of San DiegoCA, we offer comprehensive eye care services to help you maintain your vision health. Here, we discuss the 2023 FDA eye drop recall, how you can keep yourself safe, and other important consumer safety information.

Reasons for the 2023 FDA Eye Drop Recall

The primary reasons for the recalls that happened in 2023 included contamination and unsafe manufacturing practices. It all started when three brands were withdrawn in February, including one that was linked to serious infections, vision loss, and four deaths. There were also recalls in August, October, and November.

Every year, FDA recalls happen. But why were there so many eye drop recalls in 2023? With the pandemic over, the FDA began performing more inspections at manufacturing plants. When it comes to eye drops, it is especially important that these products be sterile, stable (remain stable over time), and free from contamination and germs. In addition, it is critical that the bottles in which the eye drops are stored are sterile or have the proper preservatives to maintain the quality and safety of the product.

When an eye drop is recalled it should be removed from the market. In addition, patients who have previously bought the recalled eye drops at the store should throw these products away. Online market retailers should also stop selling the products.

Why Were so Many Patients Unaware of the Recall? 

While the 2023 recall was fairly widespread, many consumers were unaware that so many eye drops had been recalled. According to doctors, many of the eye drop brands were not as well known, or they were store-branded, making it more difficult for patients to learn about the recall. It's possible that because none of the recalls were from the major pharmaceutical companies, they didn't get the media coverage that these types of recalls would normally get.

It is important to note that the eye drop recalls in 2023 came from over-the-counter products and not prescription products.

Which Eye Drops Were Recalled in 2023?

Many of the eye drops that were recalled were store-brands from popular stores including Target, Rite Aid, CVS, and Walmart. Here is a complete list of all of the eye drops that were recalled in 2023

Are Over-the-Counter Eye Drops Safe?

In the majority of cases, over the counter eye drops are safe. However, you can check the FDA or manufacturer's website to find out if any eye drops you own have been recalled. In addition, if you have any expired eye drop products, you should dispose of them.

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