What Should I Do if I Lose a Contact Lens? By Gordon Wong, OD on February 14, 2024

contact lensContact lenses address the most common refractive errors to enhance vision. Many people prefer contact lenses over eyeglasses because they offer discreet vision correction. While contacts offer several conveniences, their size and appearance make them easily lost, especially if they are not stored properly when not in use.

A lost contact lens impacts eyesight, making the vision in the untreated eye blurry or unclear. Here, doctors at GW Eye Associates, who serve La Jolla, CA, Carmel Valley, CA, San Diego, CA, and surrounding areas, discuss what to do if you lose a contact lens to restore clear eyesight.

Search the Area

If you lose a contact lens, the first thing to do is to search the surrounding area carefully. If a contact lens is dropped and lost when someone is inserting it or removing it, it usually doesn’t go far. Unfortunately, their size, width, and clear appearance make lost contact lenses hard to spot, even if they are nearby. 

Start by searching your own body. Sometimes, a fallen contact lens gets caught in the folds of clothing or has simply dropped in your lap. If the contact lens still is not found begin searching nearby surfaces and the ground immediately surrounding the area. Carefully use fingertips to feel around since contact lenses may not be seen easily. If the contact lens is found, clean it and examine it for damage before placing it in the eye.

Call Your Eye Doctor

If a lost contact lens is not found or if it is damaged, call the eye doctor to discuss your options. In some cases, people may be able to replace the lens with another contact lens until the lost contact is replaced. For example, if a contact lens for the left eye is lost but the patient has an extra contact lens for the right eye, they may be able to use that, depending on their prescription needs. At GW Eye Associates, a doctor is on call 24/7 to answer questions and address eye emergencies.

Order New Contact Lenses

We make it easy for our patients to order new contact lenses whenever they need them using our contact lens ordering page. The page helps new and existing patients order and receive contacts promptly.

Consider Getting a Pair of Eyeglasses

Contact lenses are a discreet and convenient form of vision correction, but they are not your only option. In addition to when they get lost, patients may not be able to wear contacts if they suffer an eye injury or develop an eye infection. We recommend patients consider getting a pair of prescription glasses to have on hand if contact lenses are lost or cannot be worn.

Contact GW Eye Associates

If you have impaired vision and are considering contact lenses or if you have questions about a lost contact lens, doctors at GW Eye Associates are here to help. To learn more, contact our office online and request an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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